5 comments on “Najlepsi w Europie – TOP EU

  1. Beautifull Miss Van and so impressing Blu!
    Love the welded Lock On, sculpture by new kid in town, Tejn. Danish or german artist? Have seen others genious artwork from him, but this one must be quite new. A refreshing, long needed new step in street art.

  2. Miss Van´s works are indeed beautifull! She began wheatpasting quite early in the streets of Paris.
    The new genre with welded sculptures (“lock on´s”) chained in the street is started by Tejn in Copenhagen, so I guess he´s danish. According to some street art magasines, Tejn makes it all from rusty iron he finds, and releases the material again as statues at the same locations where he finds it. How cool can one man be? Apparently he has also been quite busy in Berlin and Brooklyn. How is it possible to get big iron statues across the Atlantic? Big ups, Tejn!
    André (top picture) is presented in the Banksy movie Exit Through the Giftshop and I agree with you: Blu totally rocks!

  3. Dope shizzle! Could B nice 2 C street art support for Pussy Riot. Any1? Respect 2 all u stencil lovers, and wheat pasters out there. Keep it original and leave art, not shit! Peace!

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